If your parishioner makes their donations directly from their checking account (ACH Payments) and the contributions are not posting to the parishioners record this article will explain how to locate these donations in your Payment Springs Dashboard so that you can post them in Gabriel. 

1.  Clear all Pending Imports.  When clearing your pending imports you may notice that some of the amounts are 0.00.  These are donations that a parishioner has made with their checking account (ACH Donations).  ACH donations may appear in pending and once you clear them they will not import into the Parishioners record as 0.00.   Importing Online Contributions from a 3rd Party Provider and How do I clear a PaymentSprings pending import when the name of the fund is not listed?

2.  Login to your Payment Springs Dashboard.

3.  Choose Reports.  Enter your date parameters and click Download.  

4.  The file will download in an Excel format.  You will want to turn it into a Table so that you can sort for all ACH Transactions based on the date parameters you defined.  How do I convert an excel download into a table?

5.  Go to Column I (Payment Method) to sort for all ACH Payments.  Then sort on Column S to group by parishioner which will make it easier to enter your contributions.  Column G contains the Fund Name that the parishioner is contributing to.

6.  Now you are ready to enter the contributions into Gabriel.  The contributions can be added directly into the individual Fund or through Batch Contributions Entering Contributions in Fund Maintenance or Batch Contribution Entry