If you would like to create classes with multiple levels you will need to create a class for each grade level per the following instructions.  You can not create classes with students from multiple levels.  

1.  Maintain your current Level Maintenance setup.  This will enable you to know each student's level while they are enrolled in the Religious Ed Program.  Maintaining your current level maintenance will also allow you to continue to promote the students accurately without having to go back and make manual adjustments to the students Committee Position.

2.  Create multiple classes for each level that will be in the class.  The classes will have the same class description, same room #, same time, same teacher and same session dates.  This was done in our demo to demonstrate what we mean.  The (**)  is one class (Sunday Afternoon) and the (##) is a second session (Sunday Night).   In this example we created a separate First Communion class for students in Level Grade 2 because this will not contain students from multiple levels.  Separate Class Lists and Class Attendance Sheets . (Generating The Class List Report and Generating the Class Attendance List .  To email/text a single class you would select the class by putting a check in the box next to Level that you would like to email/text. (Emailing/Texting Families, Members, Committees, Family Tags and Religious Ed Parents/Students)

The key is to use the same class description, teacher, start and end dates, start and end times and room #'s so you can easily see under Class Maintenance which classes are actually a single session and/or group.  The system does not allow you to enter multiple grades into a single class.