Adding Students

In Class Maintenance select the first class you would like to add students to by clicking on View. Click on the Student Tab and Add Student.  A student pop-up box will appear.  If you click on the down arrow all the students who are in the grade level will appear.  Choose the student(s) you want to add to the class.  

Note:  As a student is added to the class they will no longer appear in the drop-down menu to prevent you from assigning students to duplicate classes.  

The Comment field can be used to record any piece of information that you need to keep on file and/or you need to make the teacher/aide aware of.  This information can include general health information such as allergies, inform catechists that someone other than the parent will be picking up the student after class, nick-names or emergency contact information. For more information on using the Comment field - Adding Comments to a Religious Education Students Record

Note:  For sensitive information regarding the student and/or family we suggest using PRM Notes.  PRM Notes can be viewed by going to the member's record.  If you mark the PRM Note with Private they can only be viewed by anyone with Church Administrator access.  If you, as the DRE do not have this access level do not mark Private. PRM Notes 


Editing Student

If you need to edit the comments in a students record click on the class that the student is in.  Click on the Student Tab and hit View.

The Edit Student pop-up box will appear.  Make any changes and select Save.

Deleting a Student

If you need to Delete a students from a class click on the class that the student is in.  Click on the Student Tab and hit Delete.

Note:  Deleting a student from a class does not remove them from the RE Student Committee.  Once you Delete a student from a class they will appear in the Class Drop-Down box again so you can add them to another class.