The Class List Report is a PDF formatted report that contains the students information by class.  The Class List Report contains the Session Dates, Class Room, Class Description and the teacher. It also contains the students first and last name, any comments entered when you added them to the class (Adding Comments to a Religious Education Students Record), family home phone number and email.  The students first and last name and mobile phone number fields are pulled from the students Member Record.  The family information is pulled from the Family Record.

To generate the report scroll to Religious Ed > Class Maintenance > If you want to print the Class List for ALL the classes simply go to Reports and select Class List. This will create a PDF download sheet for every class in Class Maintenance. Click Print and ALL your Class Lists will be printed.  If you want to generate the Class List for a specific class or a group of classes while in Class Maintenance put a check in the box next to the class.  When you click on Class List the following pop-up box will appear. Click Print. The Class List report(s) will appear in your tray at the bottom of the screen.  Attached you will find an example of a typical Class List as well as the screenshot below.