If you would like to add comments to a students record we suggest entering all comments in the Student Comment Box. Comments can include things such as information about learning disabilities, custody and family issues, nick names, emergency contact information, allergies, dismissal information and grandparent information can be inserted into the Comment Box.  Comments entered in this field will show up in the Class List and Class Download reports as well as on your screen when the class is opened in Class Maintenance.   All comments entered into the Comment Box can only be viewed by anyone who has access to the Religious Ed Module.  

When entering comments we suggest you develop a standard for these entries and enter them in a specific order.  For example, the students nickname could be designated as  NN: Joey or (Joey). The emergency contact Info can be designated with  EC: Grandmother Susan Lindt - 508-444-6666.  Developing standards that the entire RE Program knows and understands will ensure that the student information is readily available when needed.  Standardizing your entries creates easy to view Class Maintenance Screens, Class List and Class Download Reports.

1.  When adding a student to the current class the following Add and/or Edit Student popup box will appear.  Enter any comments that are relevant to the DRE, teacher and/or teacher aide.  

Comments can be viewed in Religious Ed > Class Maintenance > then open class by clicking on View.

Comments will also appear in the Class List Report and the Class Download Report.  Snippets of each report are pictured below for reference.  For more information on each report click on the links.

Class List Report  (Generating The Class List Report)

Class Download Report  (Generating the Class Download Report)

2.    If you choose to add sensitive comments via PRM Notes scroll to the Student Member Record by doing a Member Search ((Using Family and Member Search) or go to Committees > open your Religious Ed Student Committee and click on their name.  Click on the PRM tab.  If you click on Private then these comments can only be viewed by anyone with full administrative rights in the system.  If the Teacher and/or Aide need to see any of these comments then you will want to add them to the Student Comment Box like any other comments.  

3.    If you choose to create a committee a 

Note:  If you do not have full administrative rights do not mark comment Private as this will limit your ability to view the PRM Note.