Please click on this link to watch the video or see below for written instructions.  Mass Count/Service Attendance

If you are not currently using our Ministry Schedule Module you will need to set up all your Masses.  The solution article in the link includes how to add your minister requirements which you can disregard if you are not using the scheduling module.   Ministry Scheduling - Setting Up Mass Schedule (Service Maintenance) 

Once the Masses are created Mass Counts can be entered.  Scroll to Scheduling > Service Maintenance where you will see a list of your Masses.  Click View next to the Mass that you wish to add your Mass Count to.

Click on the Mass Count tab. Click on Add Service Attendance.

The Add Service Attendance box will popup.  Add the Date, Location (optional), and the number of parishioners. Click Save.  If you are going to be using the Location field create standard entries that you will use consistently so that the data can be sorted by location.  

To download all your data that you have entered click on Download and an Excel .csv or .xlsl file will be created.  All reports generated in Gabriel will automatically default to your Downloads file on your computer.  If you want the ability to sort your data quickly you can convert the file into a Table (How do I convert an excel download into a table? ).  This data can be used to create graphs to view trends in Mass Attendance and files can easily be sent to your Diocese.

In addition to the download you can go to the Report Library to generate the Mass Attendance Count Report.  Mass Attendance Count Report

Coming Soon - Mass Attendance Power App will allow the user to enter the information by phone where an usher and/or attendants can open the Power App on their phone and enter counts that will automatically upload into Gabriel making them available to view in Gabriel in real-time.