IMPORTANT!  Prior to importing any funds into Gabriel through the Import Contributions function or through the integration you will want to login to your WeShare dashboard and make sure each fund that you have on your WeShare page has a unique external system fund ID#.  For specific instructions to complete this setup click on this link (Setting Up WeShare Funds)  We also suggest that you set any funds that are no longer being used to Inactive (How do I make a fund inactive?).

Note:  If you are part of a collaborative and/or cluster of churches with separate databases in Gabriel and you have a single LPI-WeShare account that is used for all the churches within the collaborative and/or cluster of churches you will not be able to use the integration at this time.  If each church within the collaborative and/or cluster has its own database the integration must be unique to each church. Please contact Gabriel Support if you have any questions.

For Current Customers who currently use LPI as their online provider: 

1.  Each customer is assigned a personal Engagement Manager at LPI and your first step is to contact them to let them know that you would like to activate the Gabriel Software Integration.  If you are not sure who your Engagement Manager is please email the team at or call (800) 950-9952. 

2.    Once they receive your request they will start implementing the integration.  The process is as simple as checking a box in your company profile labeled:  Enable Gabriel Software Integration.

3.    The Engagement Manager that you made contact with will notify us through our Support System with the following information.  Parish Name, City, State, and the WeShare ID for the Parish.

4.    Once we receive notification from your Engagement Manager our IT Team will set up the integration.  After the set up is complete we will notify your Engagement Manager as well as send you notification that the set up is complete. 

5.    The turn around for the whole process will be two days and possibly less.

If you have any questions please contact Gabriel Customer Support at or call (774) 203-9480.  If your questions pertain to your LPI/WeShare account we ask that you contact your Engagement Manager.

For New Customers who would like to use LPI as their online provider: 

1.  Please complete the attached form.  Once completed you can fax the form to the number on the application or upload it here Upload Completed WeShare Form  

2.  A WeShare account manager will contact you to answer any questions and assist you in setting up your giving page on your website.

3.  When your account set-up and online giving page has been completed you can contact your LPI Engagement Manager to activate the Gabriel Software Integration.  See steps 3 -5 above.