These fields are currently available in the Member Download ( Downloading Family, Member, Family Tags and Committee Member Records ).  Download "ALL" for your members then sort on the member status' that you would like to review ( How Do I Convert An Excel Download Into A Table? ).   Scroll to Columns AE (Receive Family Alerts), Column AF (Contact by Email), and Column AG (Contact by Text) where values are True then the correct notification boxes are checked.  Any member record who has a value of False then the notification boxes will need to be checked if you want to be able to send emails/texts.  Our Family Download report does not contain columns to verify that the notification boxes have been checked.  Please contact customer support for this report.

For users who are currently using the Religious Ed Module please contact Customer Support and we can update family and member records of parents who have emails, cell numbers and currently have students enrolled in your Religious Education Program. The notification boxes that will be checked are Contact by email, Text Notification, and Receive Family Email Alerts.