A parishioner cannot respond back to a text. Gabriel suggests that you do the following to let them know they cannot respond back.  In addition, we suggest that you notify your parishioners to set-up a contact in their phone so that they know who the messages are coming from.  They will see the number 508-213-9682.

1.    Put a line at the end of the text that might read "Do Not Reply Back To This Message" or "Unable to Receive Replies To This Message".  

2.    Send out a text message that might read "This is from Gabriel Software. Please setup a contact for this number for future notifications."  Once they set-up the contact then they will know who the text messages are from.

3.    Send out an email to all of the text message recipients with the number used to send out notifications.

Please note that there are no fees charged to our users for sending texts and emails so functions are limited.  We do have integration with One Call Now where you can customize your set-up to receive replies etc.  For more information please click on this link One Call Now Integration.