If you are currently a Church Budget customer for My E-offering online contribution platform or you use Church Budget for your budget envelopes please contact our Customer Support team or your Church Budget contact and the integration will be set up for you.

Church Budget Envelope Integration

Our users will ask how does Church Budget determine which parishioners get envelopes?  Church Budget uses the following criteria to pull the correct information from your database. 

Status = Active and

Inactive = False (because it is not checked) and

Envelope Status = True (because it is checked)

Tip:  A Good Practice for each church would be to generate the family download report (Downloading Family and Member Records) and sort on the columns (Status Column R; BudgetNumberInactive Column N and HasEnvelopes Column O) to be sure the values are set as above for anyone with a Budget Number. Make any changes that are necessary and then contact us to set up the integration. Below is a snippet from the Family download report.

The additional field that Church Budget envelope integration looks at is the Mailing Name field.  If this field is populated it will be the first line on the budget envelope.  If there is nothing in that field then it will default to Salutation + First + Last Name for the first line.  

Church Budget Online Contribution Integration

With the online contribution integration any contributions that are posted on the My Eoffering online contribution platform come directly into Gabriel in real-time.  If you would like more information on Church budget MyEoffering please visit their website. MyEoffering.