If you currently use Church Budget for your budget envelopes please contact your Church Budget rep to turn the integration on. If you are a new customer to Church Budget please contact them directly to set up your account. They will in turn contact us with your account number and we will turn the integration on and notify you once that is complete.  

Church Budget Envelope Integration Setup

Users who have a single schedule or multiple schedules for your envelope pulls will need to be sure your database has the following criteria defined for those parishioners who use budget envelopes so Church Budget can pull the correct list from your database. 

Family Status = Active and

Inactive = False (because it is not checked) and

Has Envelopes = True (because it is checked)

Tip:  A Good Practice for each church would be to generate the family download report (Downloading Family and Member Records convert the report into a table and sort on the columns (Status Column R; BudgetNumberInactive Column N and HasEnvelopes Column O) to be sure the values are set as correctly for any parishioner who should receive Budget Envelopes. Once all necessary changes have been made in the Family Records contact us to set up the integration. Below is a snippet from the Family download report.

The additional field that Church Budget envelope integration looks at is the Mailing Name field.  If this field is populated it will be the first line on the budget envelope.  If there is nothing in that field then it will default to Salutation + First + Last Name for the first line. 

If you have multiple schedules with Church Budget then Family Tags need to be created for each schedule you currently have. We have established a standard Family Tag name for each schedule.  Tag names cannot deviate from the list below.  When Church Budget pulls are based on a specific schedule the program is looking for that corresponding Family Tag Name that has been pre-defined.   If your schedule is not in the list below please contact Gabriel Customer Support.  

Family Tag NameDescription
CBMEChurch Budge Monthly Envelopes - those members receive a single monthly donation envelope + any special envelopes that your church uses.
CBRChurch Budget Regular - those members receive regular weekly envelopes + any special envelopes that your church uses.
CBSChurch Budget Special - Receive only the special envelopes that your church uses.  

Note:  When adding a new parishioner to your database you will need to ensure that the proper fields in the Family Record are populated correctly.  Including adding the family to the correct Family Tag if applicable.