Please contact Customer Support and our IT Team will complete your request.

Please provide the Family ID numbers that you would like to merge. If there are instances where the same field in each record has different data please let us know which is correct.  For example, there may be 2 different addresses or phone numbers.

If you are doing a search across the Diocese and you see multiple records with different status’s you will first need to determine the Family ID's numbers to see if there are in fact duplicate records.  If there are multiple Family ID's you will need to provide us with the Family ID numbers to merge, what is the church of registration (a parishioner can only be registered in a single church), should any of the other statuses be changed (a parishioner can have any number of statuses in other churches) and any other specific instructions for completing the merge.


Once we have merged the data please review the records for accuracy. 

Note:  Please contact your Diocese if they have provided specific instructions for merging duplicate records. They may want you to follow a specific protocol for this process.