When you are a new user you will want to verify the church information that was entered during the conversion. You will want to be sure you have a default email address set up for your church and all the church address information is correct.  If you plan on using the Religious Education module you will want to set your default Religious Ed email address as well as select the (3) Religious Education Committees.  There is also a section to set your online giving provider URL, a link for you to paste into your website so new parishioners can register.  Finally, if you are One Call Now customer you can set-up this integration. 

General Information: The email you put under the general information is the from default email that will be used when you send emails from Gabriel. If you are unable to send emails it may because the email field is blank.   If you are printing blank envelopes with a return address Gabriel will grab the church name and address from these fields.

Religious Education:  If you are using the RE module and you want the from email to be the RE email you will have to input the Religious Education email.  The other 3 fields in this section define the 3 religious education committees.  These fields must be defined otherwise you will not be able to add teachers, aides, and students to classes.  

Online Giving:   This link is for Payment spring customers.  However, if you already have an existing online donation solution, then simply provide the full URL to your online donation form below. When members are logged into thier member portal they can go directly to your online contribution platform and make a contribution. 

Online Family Registration: