Each user should register individually.  It is good practice not to share a log-in and password.  Each user should have his/her own unique email.    Gabriel does not charge fees for users so you may have an unlimited number.  

1.  Please click on this link - Gabriel Registration or you may copy and paste this address into your browser - app.gabriesoft.com/authm/Account/Register.  The following registration screen will appear.

2.  Passwords must be at least 6 characters, contain a capital letter, small letter, number, and a special character such as:  

!, @, #, $, %, _, +, <>,? and /.  Passwords can contain spaces.  Gabriel suggests that you create a sentence. I.E. Armand is 54!

3.  When you hit the Register button you will receive an Account Confirmation Email. You will click the I Agree button at the bottom of the page.  By checking on this button you are agreeing on (2) conditions.  The first is our Master Subscription Agreement which is basically saying that the system you are using is Gabriel's and it's protecting our intellectual property. The second agreement is the External Facing Agreement which basically says you will use the system appropriately.  Any misuse becomes the responsibility of the user, not Gabriel.  Both of those documents can be read in its entirety before moving forward.  

Note:  If you have not received the confirmation email please check your Spam Folder.  After checking your Spam Folder and you cannot locate the email please contact Customer Support.  

4.  When you log-in you will see a list of Dioceses.  Please select your Diocese.

5.  A list of parishes will then appear.  Please select your church.  If you need access to multiple churches because you belong to a cluster or collaborative please contact Customer Support.  

6.  Once you have completed all of the steps above a Parish Administrator must approve the account and set the appropriate access level to gain access into the system.  Please click on this link on how to set access roles based on the user's role 

Parish Administrator Guide to User Security

7.  You are now ready to access and use Gabriel!  To access Gabriel go to app.gabrielsoft.com/authm/account/login.

Tip:  To set up a Gabriel widget on your desktop please click on this link. Creating a Gabriel Desktop Icon.  You can also create a  bookmark and pin it to your taskbar for quick access to your Gabriel database.