One Call Now has the capability to do reverse 911 voice messages to alert parishioners of emergencies or other events.  This is great for contacting folks that do not have email.  It also can send texts and emails based on user preferences.

The Gabriel integration looks for changes made in One Call Now like unsubscribe or email and phone changes and brings them into Gabriel.  Also if a new family or update is done in Gabriel then it is sent over to One Call Now.

As part of our One Call Now integration, we enhanced the way to mark whether a parishioner wants to be contacted by email or text.  A new drop-down box is associated with each email address and telephone number on both the family and member records.  You can watch the brief video below.

For written instructions, you can check out the PDF attachment below Email and Telephone Field Enhancement to Indicate Contact Preferences.

You can learn more about One Call Now by clicking on this link:  One Call Now