When a member or all members of a family pass away there are steps to take when maintaining your database.   

Member Record  

Search the deceased member through Family Search or Member Search (Using Family and Member Search).  When you locate the Member Record go to the Misc tab and fill in the Deceased Date field and change the Member Status to Deceased. Click Save. Once you change the status to Deceased the Member's Email and Cell Phone will automatically be removed and the boxes Contact by Email, Contact by Text Message and Receive Family Alerts will be unchecked.  If they are part of any committees they will automatically be removed and a notation will be made in the member's PRM Tab.

Family Record

If all members of a family are deceased change the family record status to Deceased.  Remove the family's email, phone number, and uncheck Email and Text Notification boxes. The Budget Numbers can be deleted and Has Envelopes can be unchecked as well.

 Note:  When Annual Year-End Statements are generated Gabriel will include anyone (regardless of current status) who has made a contribution during the date parameters and fund selections you made.