This list is created for the teacher/teacher aides so that they can track the students attendance.  This list is turned into the DRE and they can record the absence in the students record under Class Maintenance.  For directions on recording absences click on this link Religious Ed - Class Maintenance

Scroll to Religious Ed > Class Maintenance > If you want to print the attendance sheets for ALL the classes simply go to Reports and select Attendance Sheet. This will create a PDF download sheet for every class in Class Maintenance.  Click Print and ALL your attendance sheets will be printed.  If you want to generate the Class List for a specific class or a group of classes while in Class Maintenance put a check in the box next to the class.  When you click on Attendance Sheets the following pop-up box will appear.  Click Print. The attendance report(s) will appear in your tray at the bottom of the screen.   A copy of this report has been attached for reference.


1.    All Gabriel reports will automatically download into your download file.  You can open rename and move to another location. 

2.    The Teacher/Teacher Aide will need to write in the date of the class in the blank spot above the week number. 

3.    The Class Attendance List does not show any Student Comments these will appear on the Class Maintenance Download or the Class List (Adding Comments to a Religious Education Students Record?)