Promoting students will move your students from the current grade level to the next grade level based on your Level Maintenance setup.  You will use this function at the end of the year when you have completed your program. 

Note: Promoting your students does not create your classes for the new year. Creating New Classes

Note:  If you are setting up your Religious Ed Module after conversion and you have historical data that was brought over your procedure is slightly different. Gabriel will bring over all your grade levels and Description into Level Maintenance, however, the next levels are left blank. Before you promote your students you will need to add next levels to Level Maintenance.  If you have not updated Level Maintenance Gabriel will not know what level to move the students into and you will get an error message.  If you have not done that already and you need instructions please click on this link Level Maintenance.  

Go to Class Maintenance > Promote Students and the following screen will pop-up.  Click OK.  

Promoting the students will automatically put a check next to the Completed Flag box located in the Class Information tab as well as move the students to the next level by changing their Class Level in their Committee Position.  Promoting your students does not create new classes.  Creating New Classes