This article will explain how to create Committees for Aides, Students and Teachers that will be participating in your Faith Formation Program.  If your parish has never used the Religious Ed Module in Gabriel or any other system prior to your conversion then you will want to first create Level Maintenance - Level Maintenance

  1. Click on Committees via the top navigation bar and select Committee Maintenance
  2. At the top of the screen click New Committee
  3. A pop up form will appear
    • Enter in the name of the committee (Possible choices might be Religious Education Aides, RE Aides or Faith Formation Aides).
    • Enter in a description.  You may use the committee name in this field.
    • The drop down below the description is used to signify that this Committee will be used in Ministry Scheduling only so the default of "No" does not have to be changed.

  1. Press Save and the Committee is added and will appear in the Committee List and in the Committee drop-down in Member Maintenance.  Repeat this process for creating a committee for students and teachers.  Now you are ready to add teacher aides, students and teachers to the committee.  Adding Aides, Students and Teachers To Committees

ONCE YOU HAVE ADDED THE THREE COMMITTEES FOR RELIGIOUS EDUCATION YOU NEED TO TAG THEM WITHIN CHURCH MAINTENANCE UNDER THE ADMINISTRATIVE MENU.  Note that the first field is designated for Teacher Committee, the second field is designated for Aide Committee and the last field for Student Committee.

In the Religious Education section you will see the default Religious Education from Email address.  Underneath that address, the first drop down field is the Teacher Committee.  Select the Teacher committee from the drop down that you created above.  Do the same for Aide in the next field and students in the third drop down.  When complete press the blue save button in the lower right hand section of the page.

The below screen shot shows a parish that has already indicated the committees in use for Religious Ed.