There are two reports available for ministry scheduling.  While in the Ministry Scheduling Tab go to the Reports Tab where you will see Busy Weeks and Scheduling Report. 

Busy Weeks Report:  This report will give you a listing of all the ministers Busy Weeks.  This is a good report to have on hand if you need to make manual changes and you need a snapshot of who is busy for a particular week.

Scheduling Report:  This is a formatted report where you can list all the ministry assignments, by ministry committee by date.  The selection screen for the Grid allows you to select which ministries appear in which Columns.  You can provide a date range and optionally an individual to print just their schedule or you can select only one ministry to print at a time.

The scheduling report can be exported and uploaded to your website, attached to the Gabriel email function and emailed to all the committee members.  If your ministers have enrolled in the member portal they can also log-in and view their schedule at anytime.