Busy Weeks can be added by the Administrators or the Parishioners can add them through the Member Portal

For the Administrator to specify when Members will be away, in Member Maintenance select the Busy Week tab.  Click Add. Keep in mind when you select a "busy" date you can only select the Sunday date and Gabriel will assume the parishioner is busy from Saturday to Friday of the week selected.  Our Service weeks are currently defined from Saturday to Friday and this was done to prevent someone from being assigned on a Saturday and a Sunday.  Filling in the Description box is optional. 

Entering Busy Weeks through the member portal requires each parishioner to obtain access to the Gabriel Member Portal. For specific instructions on how to grant parishioners access please click on this link Registering For the Member Portal. When the parishioner logs into the portal they will be presented with their family page (includes the Family information, address, phone number, and email), and below they will see a list of the members in their family.  They would enter busy weeks exactly as an Administrator would.  

Note:  When looking at the Parishioners Busy Weeks in the Member Record or when looking at a Busy Week Report it will include Busy Weeks that were assigned when they were scheduled and Busy Weeks that were entered manually by the Administrator or by the Parishioner.  Please click on this link to understand how to tell the difference.  Parishioner's Busy Weeks.