The next step in the process is to set up all your Masses for a given weekend.  If you have seasonal Masses that only occur during the summer for instance, you can check the inactive button to omit them from a schedule run without having to delete it.  During a summer schedule simply uncheck the inactive box and it will be included in the next schedule run.  

1.    Fill in a description of the Mass, choose a Mass time in the drop down menu choose the day of the week in the drop down menu.  Hit Save.  You will also see the Inactive box.  This is where you will select inactive if you want to omit this Mass from a schedule run.

2.    Within each service week that you created you now need to setup the ministry requirements for each Mass.  You can see in the above screenshot that you can open each ministry by clicking on View.  This is where you define the number of Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors and Altar servers at each Mass. When you click on View the following screen will appear and you will click on Add.

3.    Once you click on Add a pop up box will appear. The shaded blue area shows you the Mass that you are working on.  This blue box cannot be altered. Select the ministry committee from the drop down box and select the number of Eucharistics ministers that are needed for that Mass.  The last box is the priority scheduling box.  Gabriel will use schedule priority to determine which ministers to assign first to a given Mass.  For example, you may want to have Altar Servers as priority 1, Lectors as priority 2 and Eucharistic Ministers as priority 3.  Gabriel will first assign Altar Servers to a Mass, then Lectors, then Eucharistic Ministers.  Note:  At any time you can edit Service Information if you want to change the number of a particular ministry are required at each Mass, change the priority or you can select inactive if you do not need a particular ministry or if there are additional ministries that are now required. Some churches schedule their Deacons at Mass or maybe you want to schedule Greeters or Ushers.  Hit Save and do this for each Mass that you have created.