Once you have established your committees and service assignments you are ready to add members to each Ministry Committee.  

Note:  If you would like your ministers to receive weekly reminders that they are serving be sure that the members record contains the following information.  Gabriel reminders are sent out in bulk by the system on Thursdays at 12:30 pm PDT.  Additionally, if you are new to using the Ministry Scheduling function please contact our IT Team so that they can set up the notification reminder function for your church.  

You add Members to Committees via Member Maintenance or or Committees by opening up the actual committee itself.

1.    Open the Member Search page by clicking  Families and Member Search from the top navigation bar.

2.    Enter in the Members First and Last Name and press search.

3.    On the Member Maintenance form, click on the Committees tab

4.    Clicking the Add link will bring up a pop up screen.


5.    Select the Committee that you wish to add the Member to from the drop down box.   

6.    Preferred Service (Mass) - If a parishioner has more than one preferred service you will have to add them to committee for each preferred service.  If a member is able to serve at any of the masses they may have (3) preferred services. You can see from the example below that Neil David Doty is able to serve as a Eucharistic Minister at any of the 3 Masses.

7.    Committee Position - This is used when you have members who always want to be scheduled together.  In this particular field if, for example you might have (2) Eucharistic Ministers (can be the in different families or in the same family), a lector and a greeter who you want to serve together.  You might assign them the name "Team Hogan 1".  When you add each member to their committees then you would insert the name "Team Hogan 1" into this field.  When you use ministry teams the following holds true; there must be at least 2 people on a team, each team member must have the same preferred service defined, they will only be assigned together and if one team member is busy then the whole team is busy and will not be scheduled.  If a team has multiple preferred Mass times that are the same then you will need to create multiple teams with different names. For example, you might have "Team Hogan 1", "Team Hogan 2", and "Team Hogan 3".  Where "Team Hogan 1" is for the 4 PM Saturday Mass, "Team Hogan 2" is for the 8:00 AM Sunday Mass and "Team Hogan 3" is for the 9:30 AM Sunday Mass.

8.    Family Schedule - Selecting "yes" as the option will keep all family members from being assigned to different masses throughout the weekend.  If the families do not mind being assigned to different masses then you can leave the selection as "no".  When you select yes keep in mind if one member of the family is busy it does not prevent the other members from being scheduled.  In this case if the entire family is going on vacation then you would have to enter busy weeks for each family member.  

9.    Month Week - if a member wants to only serve on the first week of the month put in 1.  2 for second week, 3 for third week, 4 for fourth week.  If the member is not restricted simply leave this blank.  Note: If you had a parishioner who only served the 5th week throughout the calendar year then you would have to manually add them in when you generate the grid prior to generating the schedule.

10.    Monthly Max - sets a maximum number of assignments for the given schedule.  If no limit leave blank (recommended)

11.    Press the Save button and the member is now on the Committee