Gabriel Annual Donation Report_Tri-fold No10_Window Envelope Template:  This template is for those who would like to use a No 10 Window Envelope to mail their Annual Statement Letter.  In addition, this template contains the variable tags if you would like to use the Summary Buckets to group individual funds together.  You tag a fund to one of three buckets via Fund Maintenance on the Fund Information tab.  During the generation of the data file, summary totals are calculated for each bucket.  Some parishes will group all parish funds in one bucket, all diocesan collections in a second bucket and perhaps and capital campaign/annual collection/Maintenance collections in the third bucket.  

If you prefer a single contribution amount you can edit this template by deleting the categories. Just be sure when editing that you do not change the location of the parishioners mailing address and the churches address at the top. 

Note:  This template contains a line on the right side to help with folding.  If you fold the bottom of the page up to that line and bring the top to the fold it will fit into the envelope properly.  

 For instructions on how to generate Annual Statements using the mail merge process please click on this link:  Generating Annual Statements Using the Mail Merge Process