Gabriel Annual Donation Report - By Buckets - This template will break-out contributions into three Buckets.  You tag a fund to one of three buckets via Fund Maintenance on the Fund Information tab.  During the generation of the data file, summary totals are calculated for each bucket.  Some parishes will group all parish funds in one bucket, all diocesan collections in a second bucket and perhaps and capital campaign/annual collection/Maintenance collections in the third bucket. 

Note:  If you would like to print envelopes from your Annual Statement file you may use this template to generate your mailing envelopes. This template does not include a return address so that you can use it with pre-printed envelopes.  You may also edit this template and add your own logo and address.   Number 10 Envelope No Return Address Template

For instructions on how to generate Annual Statements using the mail merge process please click on this link:  Generating Annual Statements Using the Mail Merge Process