This article is also available via a 4 min video which provides more details on the process. Video: Batch Contribution Entry

Under the Fundraising menu, select Batch Contributions.  From there you will be able to see unposted batches and posted batches.  To start a new batch click the new batch link. 


On the batch header screen, select the fund the batch transactions belong to and optionally you can select a mass/service.  Select a date and you can enter an optional description.

You will have the ability to select the control total types within the demo.  Once in production this will default based on the diocese settings.  I believe you guys typically do amounts only so you may want to select that one.  You can then enter in the control total amount of the batch.  This amount total will need to match the actual amount of transactions entered.

To enter transactions, click on the Contributions tab.  In the family field you can either enter a budget/envelope number or a last name.  As you type in letters/numbers a list of families will begin to appear.  If the one you want is at the top of the list you can hit the tab button to select and the tab button to bring you to the amount field.  Enter the amount and hit enter and the cursor will move back to the family box so you can continue entry.

You will notice the save button next to the amount field has a drop down menu associated with it.  If you click on it you can hide/show comments.  Two optional fields called Reference and Comments will appear.  These fields can be used for check numbers and notes related to the transaction.

When you are done entering transactions you can return to the Batch Information Tab.  If your totals match and you are ready to post you can select Post from the Save dropdown menu (similar to show/hide comments above).  The Pre Check Post screen will appear to confirm your intention to post.  Hit the post button to complete.

When you are in a batch (posted or unposted) a download link will appear above.  Clicking this download button will allow you to download the transactions entered so far into an excel/csv file.