1. Click on Committees via the top navigation bar and select Committee Maintenance.
  2. At the top of the screen click New Committee 
  3. A pop-up form will appear
    • Enter Committee Name  - If you want to change the name of the field at any time simply click on the Committee Name and under the Committee Information Tab you can edit the name.  Be sure to Save.
    • Enter Committee Description - This field is required when this committee is used in Ministry Scheduling. Typically you would enter the Committee Name again.  If you leave this field blank then when you generate the grid and schedule the field in Committee Description will be blank.  (See screenshot of the Ministry Scheduling Grid where this field is left blank). 
    • The drop-down below the description is used to signify that this Committee will be used in Ministry Scheduling. Select Yes if this is the case.  Select No if this committee will not be used in Ministry Scheduling.
  4. Press Save and the Committee is added and will appear in the Committee List.