This article is also available via a 1 min video which provides more details on the process. Video: Adding a Member to a Committee

You add Members to Committees via Member Maintenance or via Committee Maintenance (Tip:  If you are adding a significant number of students, teachers and/or aides the quickest way to add them is via Committee Maintenance.  You avoid having to search for each individual member) and then opening the committee you wish to update with new parish members.

Member Maintenance

  1. Open the Member Search page by clicking  Families and Member Search from the top navigation bar.
  2. Enter in the Members First and Last Name and press search.
  3. On the Member Maintenance form, click on the Committees tab
  4. Clicking the Add link will bring up a pop up screen.
  5. Select the Committee that you wish to add the Member to from the drop down box.  If the Committee you are looking for is not in the drop-down see Adding New Committees article and video.
    • If this is a Committee that is being scheduled by Ministry Scheduling you can optionally select
      • Preferred Service (Mass)
      • Family Schedule - whether or not the Member wants to be assigned with their family
      • Month Week - if a member wants to only serve on the first week of the month put in 1.  2 for second week, 3 for third week, 4 for fourth week.  If the member is not restricted simply leave this blank.
      • Monthly Max - sets a maximum number of assignments for the given schedule.  If no limit leave blank (recommended)
  6. Press the Save button and the member is now on the Committee

Committee Maintenance

  1. Go to Committees > Committee Maintenance and select the committee by clicking on the committee name where you wish to add or edit members.  The following screen will appear when you open Committee Maintenance.  This screen is very helpful when adding a number of members to committees.