This video will give you an overview of adding contributions through Fund Maintenance and generating a report on the various Funds you have set up for your parish.  Gabriel Fundraising

Note:  This video is scheduled to be updated.  The video currently directs the user to click on edit on the right-hand side when you want to open the fund to enter contributions.  To open the fund,  click on the fund name. Once the fund is opened you can see the contributions tab where you will enter contributions. In addition, Gabriel has added the ability to include comments and the check number when entering contributions (Recording Check Numbers and Comments  ). The Fundraising Report that is referred to in the video is no longer available.  Please go to this link for our updated Fundraising Report function ( Generating the Fundraising Report )Thanks for your patience! 


Entering Contributions in Fund Maintenance

1.    To enter contributions go to Fund Raising > Fund Maintenance and a listing of all the Funds will appear.  Open the fund by clicking on the fund name.

2.    The following screen will appear where you will see the Fund Information tab, Active Pledges tab, and the Contributions tab.  Select the Contributions tab.

3.    You are now ready to enter your contribution information. To move to the next field hit your tab key.

  • Start with the date you will only have to enter this once for this group of contributions.
  • In the Family field enter the name or budget number of the parishioner.  A drop-down list appear where you can select the correct family.
  • In the Contributions Amount enter the amount of the contribution.  When entering the dollar amount you do not need to enter $ or decimal amounts unless there is value.  For example, you only need to enter 10 for $10.00.  
  • If the contribution is Non-Deductible then check the Non-Deductible flag. Contributions with this flag checked will not be included in Annual Year-End Statements.
  • Enter the check number in the Reference field ( Recording Check Numbers and Comments )
  • Enter any comments that are meaningful to you and this entry if applicable.

4.    Click Save when you have entered all your contributions for the fund you chose.

Entering Contributions in Batch Contributions

Please go to Batch Contribution Entry to learn how to enter your contributions in batches.