The video Gabriel Religious Education Class Maintenance covers how to add students to classes, copy classes, and use search to see historical classes. There are detailed instructions below for Creating Classes, Adding Students, Searching for Previous Year's Classes and Recording Absences.

Creating Classes

If you are setting up your Religious Ed Module for the first time be sure you have created all your class levels in Level Maintenance, created all your class room assignments in Room Maintenance and have created your religious ed committees and added your members to these committees in Committee Maintenance.  If you have completed all those steps then you are ready to create all your classes.  Begin by going to Religious Ed > Class Maintenance. The Class Maintenance screen will appear and it will be blank because you are a first time user and have no historical classes that you have ever created under Gabriel or you did not bring over any historical data when you converted to Gabriel.  Coming Soon - Multi-Parish Religious Ed Classes which will allow you the ability to create classes that include students from a cluster/linked parishes (See note at bottom).


  1. Click on New Class and a pop-up menu will appear.  
  2. The first field you will enter is the grade level which is obtained directly from the description column that you entered in Level Maintenance. The second field is for the description of the class.  If for example, you have multiple classes for the same grade level you might want to put 1st Grade Saturday 9:00 am Class.  
  3. Next, you will give the class a classroom assignment and the meeting time for the class.
  4. Under Teachers, you will enter the teachers and teacher aides from the drop-down menu.  This list is from the Religious Ed Aide and Religious Ed Teacher committee listing you created under Committees.  If the aide or teacher has been assigned already they will not appear in the drop-down list. 
  5. Under Session Information you will enter the start date of your program and the end date.  When you have completed all your classes at the end of the year and you promote your students this box will be checked and all the students who are in the class will now be moved to the next level that you specified in Level Maintenance for the class they are currently in.  
  6. Under Registration Information, you will enter the start date and end date for accepting online registrations into your Religious Ed program.  Do not enter a Student Fee.  THIS AREA WILL BE USED TO DEFINE INFORMATION FOR ONLINE REGISTRATIONS THAT IS CURRENTLY BEING BUILT.  WHEN THIS ENHANCEMENT IS RELEASED WE WILL UPDATE OUR PROCEDURES.
  7. Click Save.  Follow this same procedure for adding all your classes.

If you are setting up your Religious Ed Module after the conversion process and you have historical data that was brought over your procedure is slightly different. Gabriel will bring over all your grade levels into Level Maintenance, however, the next levels are left blank.  You will need to add these to Level Maintenance.  If you have not done that already and you need instructions please click on this link Religious Ed - Level Maintenance.   Your classrooms were brought over and put into Room Maintenance as well as your committees, aides, students, and teachers.  You may want to do a quick check to be sure everything converted correctly. Once you have updated Level Maintenance and prior to creating your new classes for the current year you will have to Promote Students.  To learn how to promote students please click on this link Religious Ed - Promote Students.

  1.  Once you promote your students two things will happen.  The checkbox Complete Flag will be checked and your students will have the next grade level reflected in their Committee Position.  You can either follow the instructions above to create new classes or you can copy the previous year's classes and edit the Class Information. Copying class will not only create the class itself but it will copy the students over saving you a lot of time in adding students to your new class.
  2. Be sure you are in Class Maintenance.  The default is always the current year classes. Choose the class you want to copy and click Copy. You will be asked if you want to copy students and/or dates and times.  Put a check next to the information you would like to copy. Click Save.
  3. The Class Information Tab will pop-up on your screen.  You would edit the information to reflect your new classes.  Including adding and/or deleting students from this new class. Once you make your changes click Save.

Adding Students

1.  In Class Maintenance select the first class you would like to add students to by clicking on View. Click on the Student Tab and Add Student.  A student pop-up box will appear.  If you click on the down arrow all the students who are in the grade level will appear.  You may choose the student(s) you want to add to that class.  As a student is added to the class they will no longer appear in the drop-down menu to prevent you from assigning students to duplicate classes.  The Comment field can be used to record health information such as allergies or inform catechists that someone other than the parent will be picking up the student after class.  For sensitive information regarding the student and/or family we suggest using PRM Notes and check Private. Only the person who entered the notes can see them.  PRM Notes can be viewed by going to the member's record.  


The search option allows you to search historical data in your Religious Education Program.  If you need to search prior year classes you would click on Search under Class Maintenance. The search option will allow you to search on any historical year in which the program was used (if your data was converted from a previous system we transfer the current years' data only). Simply click on the drop-down menus in each category to select the information you want to search on. 

Recording Absences

To record a student absence go to Religious Ed > Class Maintenance and open the class that the student currently resides in.  Click on the Student Tab and a list of the students will be displayed on the screen.  

Click on Absent to the right of the student's name and a Pop-Up Box will appear.  in this screen you can change the date, add a comment and if it is an excused absence you can check the Excused Box at the bottom.  Click Save.

If you would like to view the list of absences by each class you can click on the Absence Tab and you will see a full list for the current year.  You can also add absences on this screen by clicking on Add Absence at the bottom of the list.  Incorrect absence entries can be deleted by clicking on Delete.

Note:  We are currently working on this request. Please keep an eye out for updates soon!  If you would like to become a user for this enhancement please click on the purple suggestion box in Gabriel and search on #87742.  Click "Subscribe To This" and you will receive updates. Thank you!