As of 12/27/2017, we support import directly from:

  • Church Budget Online Giving (Real time integration between the Church Budget My E Giving platform and Gabriel via the API has now been released.  If you are Church Budget customer and would like for us to set your parish up so online contributions are automatically uploaded into Gabriel please contact the Gabriel Helpdesk).
  • LPI Online Contributions (See note if you are a new Gabriel user and you use LPI - WeShare)
  • Our Sunday Visitor
  • Sharefaith Online Giving
  • Vanco Payment Solutions

For a step-by-step guide of the process please watch the video Gabriel Online Contribution Import.

Note for LPI Online Customers:

New Gabriel customers who use LPI Online Giving will need to change the file format that is downloaded and used to import contributions into Gabriel. 

The very first step is to go into your WeShare (LPI) account and log-in.  Click on the Admin Tab.  Go to the Giving Management Box and you will see an icon File Export Settings.  Please click on the icon and a File Export Box will open up.  Be sure the Enable Export and Enable Contribution Cash Basis Export boxes are checked. In the drop-down menu choose WeShare Cash Basis CSV Export Format is selected.  This is the report format that Gabriel is mapped to.


Once you change the setting you can now export the report from WeShare.  Navigate to Control Panel > Reports & History > Financial Export Button.

A screen similar to the one below will pop open.  If you have never used this screen before you will have to bring the screen up-to-date (this date would be the last month-end date you did your last export).  You might set the date to 12/31/2018 as the end date and hit create.  Now you are ready to begin the new year.  The next date you will enter will be 1/31/2019 and hit create. Once you hit create the report will be generated and appear in the screen as in the pink shaded area and has the end date of 1/31/2019 (the contributions are for the month of January 2019).  Over to the far right there are 4 choices of report formats to choose from.  You want to select the third one down, WeShare Cash Basis Export CSV Export. When you click on that a box will open and ask you to open or save the file.  Choose Save.  This report will save into your download file.  Now you are ready to import your January contributions into Gabriel.