You can view the following video Emailing Families, Members, and Committees as a guide through the process.

You can send emails and texts in Gabriel from the Family Records, Family Tags, Member Records, Committee Records, and Religious Ed.

  • Text messages cannot be any longer than 160 characters and attached documents cannot exceed 20 MB. 
  • Images such as logos and/or videos cannot be inserted into a text message and/or email message.  
  • If the family email is the same as a member email only 1 email will be sent not 2.   
  • When you send an email from Gabriel Send Grid will notify you that you have bounced emails but the notification does not include the email address.  We will provide our users with a list of the bounced email(s) every week. 


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1.    Family Records - Emails and texts will be sent to the Family Email/Phone Number (providing the number in this field is a valid texting number) only if the Contact by email and Text Notification boxes are checked in the Family records. Members will receive the same email if the Contact by email, Text Notification and Receive Family Alerts is checked in the member's record.  You may also send an email or text to a single-family by checking the box next to the name or by opening the family record and double-clicking on their name.  When sending to a single-family it will not grab the email or cell number for the members of the family - it will only send to the family Email/Phone number.

Note:  Prior to sending an email be sure you reset your search criteria to Active families or select another Family status to send the emails to.

2.    Family Tags -  If you go to Families > Family Tags.  You can check off any Family Tag you wish to send an email/text to. It can be 1 tag, 5 tags, or all of the tags. Sending an email or text within tags will use the email or text number that is in the family record.

3.    Member Records - If you send from Member Record Search it will only grab members who have emails/texts and the Contact by email and Text Notification boxes are checked off. Again be sure to reset your search criteria.  Member search will reset the member status to All and language to English so be sure to select Active and ALL before sending your email.

4.    Committee Records - If you go to Committee > Committee Maintenance.  You can check off any committee you wish to send an email/text to.  It can be 1 committee, 5 committees, or all of the committees.  Sending an email within committee records will use the email that is in the member's record and the Contact by email/Text Notification box is checked off. You can also send an email/text to one or multiple members of a committee by opening the committee and checking the members you wish to send an email/text to. 

Note:  Any email sent from Family Records, Family Tags, Member Records, and Committee Records will use the default parish email address found in the general information area of Church Administration as the from email address. 

5.    Religious Ed Records - You can also email/text from the Religious Ed Module.  An email/text will be sent to the Family Email/Family phone (providing the number in this field is a valid texting number). Multiple emails can be listed as long as they are separated by a semi-colon.  In Religious Ed > Class Maintenance, you can choose to email all the classes or you can select specific classes by checking the box next to the class name.  If a religious ed email is specified in the Church Administration form, it will use that as the from email address when a message is sent from religious ed. If a religious ed email address is not specified in the Church Administration form it will use the default parish email as the from email address.

For parishes with multiple DRE's or multiple people managing different grade levels, Gabriel will allow an email address to be added in Level Maintenance so that when an email is sent from that class and within the Religious Ed module, the from address will be the email on the level. If no email address is specified on the level it will use the default Religious Ed From Email located on the Church Administration form. 

TIP:  Database Review - If you would like to determine the members in your database that have the proper Notification Boxes selected for sending emails and texts you can do a Member Download.  Download "ALL" for your members then sort on the member status' that you would like to review.   Scroll to Columns AE (Receive Family Alerts), Column AF (Contact by Email), and Column AG (Contact by Text) where values are True then the correct notification boxes are checked.  Any member record who has a value of False then the notification boxes will need to be checked if you want to be able to send emails/texts.  If you have a number of records that need to be updated please contact a member of our customer support team and we will update the records for you.   Our Family Download report does not contain columns to verify that the notification boxes have been checked. Please contact our customer support team and we can generate this report for you and/or update Active Registered parishioners who have Family Emails/Phone Numbers in their family records.    


An email will not send if your Parish has an AOL or Yahoo email address.

Gabriel uses Send Grid for its email provider.  If you receive any notifications claiming to be Send Grid do not open.  Send Grid will not send our users any notification emails except to notify you that an email has bounced and they do not provide you with the bounced email.