This brief tutorial will show the user how to how to use the Family Search function.  Family Search     

Family Search:


1.  When you first login to Gabriel your screen will automatically default to all Active families.  To Search for a family click Search.

Note:  Click Reset to clear any previous search criteria you may have defined previously. The family records will reset to all Active families who are currently registered and unregistered in your church.

2.  The Family Search form will appear where you have the opportunity to select your search parameters.  You can choose Family Status (Gabriel has 12 family statuses), Language (when adding a new family record the Gabriel default language is English so if you want to search on any other language you must have defined this in the family records), and if you are searching on your Current Parish, My Parishes and/or Diocese wide search Family Search Across Diocese.  You can also search by the Last Name, First Name, Address, City or Budget Number, Telephone or Registration Dates.  Gabriel has added a new search parameter IsRegistered where you have the option to search for "All Families", "Registered Families" and "Unregistered Families" on any Family Status.  See the screenshot below.  Once you define your search parameters click Search.

Note:  The IsRegistered search field is located in the family download report in column AJ and is called IsRegistered and would contain the value True or False.  The values would tell you if the family was actually registered in your church (True) or in another church (False).  You can now sort on Registered Only (True value) or Non-registered Only (False Value) or continue to sort on All Parishioners (True and False Values) within the Family Status that you choose.  Once you choose your sort and click on search this new list will appear on your screen and you will be able to view/download and/or email/text your families according to the search criteria you chose.  You may also view the church of registration in the Churches tab in the Family Record. 


Note:  Clicking the Red Reset button in the pop-up box will clear out any previous Search Parameters.

3.  Once you define your Search criteria the list of parishioners will now appear on your screen.  If you navigate to another module in Gabriel and you want to go back to your last set of search parameters you can scroll to Families > Family Search Result.  Clicking on Family Search Result will always bring you back to the latest search that you performed.  You can click on this option from any Module/Screen in Gabriel.


4.    If you are any Module and/or screen in Gabriel you can now click on Families > Family Search and start a new search.

Member Search:


1. Scroll to Families > Member Search and Click on the Search button.  


Tip:  Prior to doing any new search click Reset to clear any previous search criteria you may have defined previously. The member records will reset to all members regardless of their status and the language default will be English. You will want to select All for language.

2. A Member Search drop-down form will appear. This form has different parameters to choose from.  Status (Gabriel has 6 statuses), Language, Birthdate (can define a group of Birthdates), Last Name, First Name, Address, City and Telephone and Email.  Click Search.